My Impeccable Journey to Flawlessness


Dear bully,

You’ve taught me to stand my ground,

to pick up the pieces and move on.

The wracking sobs you initiated

    no longer consume me.

I am stronger because of you.


Dear ex-boyfriend,

Because of loosing you,

I found me.

I found respect, new hobbies,

a brighter side of myself--

a side that doesn’t rely on men to

determine my self-worth.

I am confident.


Dear rejection letter,

As you float down, among a cascade of tears,

settling beneath my floorboards,

you have perceived to tear me apart.

But moving on is essential -- those letters

fuel my strength,

make me work harder, push me.

I discovered perseverance.


Dear liar,

You brutally carved trust from my flesh

intentionally spoon-feeding me, as I lapped it up like a puppy.

Why would I want anyone to feel as I do?

The hurt feelings you instilled--

I won’t engrave that pain in another’s heart.

I am honest.


Dear game-stealing goal,

Thank you for teaching me that

success comes and goes--

it’s the hard work instilled

that lasts a lifetime.

Trophies collect dust - it’s my hard work that prevails.


Dear mirror,

As I stare longing at your interpretation of me,

you refuse to reflect the model in Glamour magazine.

But I am not subject to her approval.

Nor yours.

My personality outshines, and I am beautiful.


Dear social media,

I know now my Twitter followers

do not dictate my life achievements.

You taught me that everyone has opinions,

and keeping my head up

is key.

I don’t need likes

   to be unique. to be me.


Dear Life,

The lessons I’ve learned through you

on my impeccable journey

make me flawless. My hardships,

my tough moments, my mistakes--

they molded me into the girl I am today,

the woman I will be tomorrow.

My experiences make me unique.

I am, undeniably, flawless.

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