My immortal soul

I want to live forever 

Never die and cease to be
I want to live forever 
And always be able to see
I don't know what lays beyond 
Or what comes in the next life I will set forth on to 
I can't see what the future holds 
Who I will be and if my old self will be changed anew
All I know is now
All I know is me
The future is unknown
But the love surrounding me
That is something I can see 
Something I want forever more
I don't want it taken away from my life
I want everything in this world--peace and strife
I want the love I hold so dear to my heart 
I want the bliss and merriment like the scrumptious taste of a tart 
I don't know who and I don't know how
All I can see is here and now
So I should stop viewing the future and live right here 
For while the future is imminent it's an end I fear
I want everything to last and not be stolen with haste 
I want to bite into a juicy orange and cherish the taste
And so I'll frolic and live and be
And always wonder and try to see
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Honestly loved this poem. Good job, you have the talent!

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