my immigration apprenticeship man up

My immigration apprenticeship man up


Painting apprentice oh wow

Seventeen years old hitting the road

Learning a trade i don't know


Teachers immigrants from another world

Speaking spanglish not my language

What  lessons would i really learn


On worksite meeting all white crews

Experiencing disrespect discriminate

Just trying to understand the rules


I am so confused on this team

I'm hispanic but don't speak the language

Hope I don't have to climb any beams


I grew with a new task

Even learning new words

Got invited to share a flask


Funny not old enough to join in

Not funny old enough hard labor

Things looking up boss wants to talk


Great news could become a super

All i need is for teacher to teach more

Guess what that's not teacher supports


Discrimated by white

Hated by my own race

Really feeling out of place


Time to move on

Find a new place

A place where i do belong


Victor J Ramirez 060719


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My community


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