My Hypocritical Train of Thought

 i catch chances I need


but the catches I want out of my greed


always seem just out of my reach




evading me


mocking me


taunting me




but because of the way I am


I won't do anything to mess with the plan


I'll just live on what I can




nothing much


all too much


cold to the touch




is my heart


hot and beating in my hearth


thinks my brain for all its worth




you missed your chance


you can't advance


no second glance




unless I feel the need to strain


myself once again


and I do over and over again




because of you


all for you


why you?




off gaurd I'm caught


I can't give this thought


no one's stopping me from saying I should not ought




so I will


the hypcrite screams shrill


numb will soon be my fill...

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