My Home is Your Heart!


      ​My Home is Your Heart!

©2013 Donald George Zarlenga PhD, all rights reserved worldwide in a collection that can be found on, and "The Edge Of The Soul."


I dream over the wings of eagles. 

The wind is my companion. 

I soar up sunbeams. 

I kiss the clouds, and embrace the mist. 

I sleep in the cradle of the moon.  


The stars are my beacons. 

The sun warms my dawn.  

The comets bring the aurora, 

with their brilliant tails,

I am awakened.  


I dream over the wings of eagles. 

As I breath in the ocean mist of a thousand seas. 

I soar up celestial paths.  

I set sail for unknown journeys. 

And nestle with mystical flowers,  

that wander by my path. 


I dream over the wings of eagles. 

My home is your heart. 



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