My High School Experience

Poet notice: I wrote this poem for my final project and presented it. The parts 

in parenthisis are supposed to be sang and are from various songs.


(Well here we go)

Freshmen year 2009 were the times

Everything was so fresh and new that I didn't see high school for what it really was, a zoo

So I lived in my blissful little bubble, not seeing the oncoming trouble

Then my bubble got popped, and it seemed as if my whole life juststopped

Reality is that a year only holds (525,600 minutes)

And I had wasted my minutes living insane on the fast lane


Sophomore Year 2010 I tried to find my inner zin

Everything was going well and high school didn't seem so much like hell

Then beauty reflection came in the form of a sinus infection

I had to get surgery and the physical results triggered my hidden emergency

Insecurity formerly in remission then crept stealthily and I felt ugly

I had to realize that (I am not my hair, I am not my skin, I am the soul that lives within)

This was only the beginning


Junior Year 2011

Everything seemed to have made a turn for the worst and suddenly my pain came first

My body made me a target and I only wished that I could forget the taunts and the teases

I searched for love in all the wrong places

I was going through all types of phases

And suddenly I needed razors to cut away the harsh words of the emotional hazers

I longed for people to grow up and act more mature, to lessen how much I had to endure

It was just all too much and I wished only to forget such

Only if I could just (Break away) and just maybe then things would be okay


(I'll bust the windows out your car) was the attitude of senior year 2012

Still battling the constant wasr on depression, hiding it became my profession

Depending on my mood, snap now, think later was my attitude

And it worked for a while, but I grew tired of keeping myself in exile

Sadly (We're just ordinary people), and no one knew that certain subjects ha grown to trigger my depression


Still I continue fighting, even though sometimes it can get quite frightening

I'm happy to have finished one stage, and proud to say I can now flip o a fresh new page

My body is my paper and my brain is my pen, and a new chapter of my life is ready to begin

To conclude the high school chapter of my book I will gladly say...



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