My high flying little kite


The sky was blue,

Away from the shadow of gloomy clouds,

Oh so high, so high, my little kite flew.


The wind was wild,

Danced every little branch and every little leaf,

Danced my little kite too.


It reached really high,

As if a prayer being answered by the skies.


But … what happened next.. little it knew,

The skies tore through my kite, 

Shattered its spirits,

Down they threw,

Oh, my high flying little kite,

I feel so sorry for you.


Annette M Velasquez

Short and simple, but clear and to the point.This could well be a metaphor/ symbol of dashed hopes, of failure.


Thank you Annette for leaving this comment. It means a lot. The poem indeed was written in a somber mood. 

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