My Hero

On an island by my side.

Theres one thing that is dear to my heart.

With my three year old son I cannot part.

Ive never let him stay a night away.

I sleep beside my baby every night.

Ill never leave him anywhere. 

I always hold him so tight.

I wouldnt be able to sleep if he wasnt here.

Before I had my dear child I was on drugs.

Clearing my pain with something so crisscrossed.

Going down a different road.

And my thoughts were lost.

I liked it, even though it got old.

If i didnt have my child. 

I wouldnt be here to type this message.

He is my heart beating right out of my chest, and. 

I need my son on this island because,

I feel that my flesh would waste away. 

I would just lay down be so depressed and let my ashes stray.

But if my son was by my side, 

I would be complete.

He saved my life.

He deserves everything from me.

This is my story about a hero.

That hero is three years old.

On this island he is the most precious gem to hold.

This poem is about: 
My family


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