In My Heart, You're Still Here

I think my eyes are going crazy,
They keep telling me that I’m seeing you.
My ears must be fooling me,
I still hear your sweet voice speaking.
My mind is living in the past;
It has forgotten that you’re gone.

There must be something wrong with my heart,
For it is convinced that we’re still in love.
I talk to you just as I did before,
I set the table for two as if we’re dining together,
And I picture you lying in the empty couch.
Your presence is all over the house as when you were here.

I’d crave you if I could accept that you’re no longer mine,
But in my heart, you’re still here.
Everyone knows that our affair is over except me.
I don’t miss you because nothing has changed since you left.
Your love is so great that it lives on in my mind.


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