My Heart Still Belongs To You

I should have said no when that woman invited me to the meeting.

Darling, I did not expect to meet you there and fall in love with you.


I regret that I have to say this, but I honestly wish I did not know you.

If we had not met each other, you could not have broken my heart.


I knew that the love in my heart was different from any other love,

But I did not know that my love for you would last for so many years.


Darling, you caught my eyes because you were such a beautiful girl.

When I saw you there that night, I felt that you were the one for me.


I mistakenly thought the passing of time would make me forget you,

But the long and lonely years have been like days since you left me.


Even though you do not deserve someone who will love you endlessly,

I cannot live long enough to stop loving you and I will always miss you.


I have not been able to love another woman since I gave you my heart.

Darling, we are now in middle age and my heart still belongs to you.


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