My heart protected


I used to wear my heart for all to see.
I wore it on my sleeve,
easy to reach, no protection.
But enough people stabbed it.
And it would bleed and bleed.

But no more.

My hearts chained up,
but not so I don't use it.
I'm protecting it.

You know what I leaned?

Everybody doesn't deserve to see it.

Not just anybody can be near it.

You hate me cuz you don't I have one,
but little do you know that even in chains it beats louder than I can stand.
My heart,
I don't wear it on my sleeve,
but you better believe that even though it's locked up,
I'm the one in chains.

A slave to the need to feel what others feel.

Even in chains my heart is reaching out.


And for the first time my mind's in a place where maybe I can touch the world a little.


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