My Heart Is My Sanctuary


Through the shadows of doughts that flow through my mind, and the many evenings that never brought me to wake. I look the through memoeries and dreams of mine, to see how much my heart can take. Every incident that has rocked me to the core and injuries that i can take, just reminds me of how strong I've become and how my heart was so easy to break. I remember being a child always asking for more, but never knowing how much I can actually take. I remember the faces of my supressors but there is no anger for me to ellaberate. I once thought of my heart as a prison only holding me and all that i make, but in reality my heart was a sanctuary for others to be welcomed and deligate. I have been taught be others to keep my heart clean and open as the pearly ggates, and also to close them to thoses who would never appreciate. My hearts holds all of my deepest secrets and all of my long held pain, but it also holds a waiting place for those i appreciate. All of my feelings are strored in this small coner of my soul but as long as i treasure them, they will never grow old. 

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