My Heart is My Best Friend

The heart is a very peculiar and underrated asset,

it is muscular and passionate,

it pumps blood tirelessly,

and it never complains.


When i'm running for endurance,

the beauty of the heart shines for all to see,

because without the thumping of the organ in my chest,

I would fall to the ground,



We can conclude that the heart may be the best friend we ever have,

it works for us,

it keeps us going,

it keeps us smiling.


When I strain against the weight of the bench press,

my heart is determined to give it one more rep,

I smile and a tear escapes my eye as I struggle,

my arms buckle at the iron.

My heart gives a large pulse,

The veins in my arms bulge and my body gets hot,

I lift the bar and place it onto its rest,

I feel a rush of joy and love and excitement and fulfillment,

my heart was there for me once more.


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