My Heart Beats Quietly

I hate to admit it but my heart has been lit into flames 

Flames that are hot like the brighest star 

My heart burns for affection 

Afterwhile, my heart will turn into a pile of ashes. 

My heart can no longer take the cold shoulder it has been given 

My heart is filled with shy feelings, timid reactions, and beats softly 

to most people but my heart beats loud and clear 

to all who want to listen. 

Yet no one wants ro listen 

My heart beats quietly and no louder than a faint whisper 

When all is quiet, you can hear the soft mellow tempo 

of my heartbeat 

Only few can hear it but he is deaf 

to the sound of my heartbeat 

He is not deaf to the sound of his music, or 

to the high-pitched laughter of the girls in the hall or 

the sound of lockers slamming shut yet, 

Yet he can not hear my heartbeat

it's mellow tempo 

I wonder, if he can't hear my heartbeat 

then who ever will hear the soft tune of 

my heart? 


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