In my head

  in my head

  something was not right

  it took time to realize 

  but i finally changed my life around 

  in my head 

  pain and fear swirled about 

  locked doors and inescapable rooms

  i can not speak i can not breathe

  please someone help me

  in my head

  it has finally stopped

  the fear is now happiness

  the pain is hardly ever there

  i feel great 

  i can talk and breathe

  in my head

  i finally got help

  it has been a year

  a year that has transformed me

  the medication helps me live my life

  i felt scared and alone and so small

  i am not alone and i am not small

  in my head

  i feel like no one one can hold me back

  i am in charge of my life 

  i am the leader

  i have grown mentally 

  i have done things i could not do before   

  i have achieved what i once thought impossible 

  i will continue this beautiful life 



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