In My Head


It's the things you can't see at a distance that make someone special.

You can't find it in the dimples on their cheeks or on the bridge of their nose.

It's in their soul.

It's inside of them where you will find their spirit and see what makes them come alive.

The way they giggle when a boy stares at them for a little too long

or the way they blush when someone calls them beautiful.

Everyone is different.  My soul is unlike any other.

The way I care for people I've never met or long to journey to foreign lands.

I speak and the words fumble out of my mouth, not quite the way I had imagined.

In my mind though, I've written countless love letters to boys who would never listen

and created beautiful patterns made up of words that would bring tears to your eyes.

The way I look at the universe and know, without a doubt, there is so much more than you all envision.

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