My Haven

I hide in my personal cave;

I cocoon myself in the comforting darkness.

If I'm quiet enough I can hear the monsters.

They screech and holler at each other as if they are in pain,

but they see their howls as terms of endearment.


When everything goes silent, I listen.

I listen for my peace of mind to leave my asylum safely.

Even when I think I'm safe and the monsters are asleep;

they never really are and I ended up with slashes.

I make it away wounded, but find a haven not too far away.


The haven is lively and lit up by lighting bugs that seem to swim in the nights sky.

With the first step in I inhale the love and vibrate with its energy.

Here with its beauty and acceptance I know I have found home.



This is my first time trying to write a poem, but I decided to try it out for the "You Only Write Once" poetry slam. 

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