My Hardworking Mother


Dedicated to my mother who gives her all for me! Thanks mom, you mean the world to me (you are the something important the poem asked for)!!! 


Sometimes I'd say that I love her

And at times I'd say that I don't

But she's always there for me

Even though for her I won't 

I always wondered that one day she'll have to go

But I shove it to the back of my mind and try not to show

I wish our time together will last

And I wish that our time won't go too fast

One day I will cherish the ways she'd support me

Even though I'd say leave me alone and let me be

She'd pray for my success and struggled for my education

But the last I wanted to give and cared for was dedication

Until now I have only caused her complication

But one day I want her to feel admiration

I want to become a doctor you see

And dedicate myself to find a cure for a disease

And soon I will make my hard working mother

Feel proud of her daughter more than any other 



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