My Guardian Angel

                                                            My Guardian Angel


1.Dear Guardian Angel,

                      2. You are my hero, friend, admirer, protector and gift

3.As I see you over the land and through the skies like a rainbow

4.You turn, twist and dive for me when I am drowning like a sinking ship

5.You're beautiful, pure white like white magic that sparkles like the stars above the night sky

6.When I am near your prescense I feel so free and alive like a feather

7. My guardian angel has eyes that are as blue as the Carribean seas

8.It's georgeous wings are my comfort when I am feeling down

9.I can hear it's still-small voice that lifts my hopes, soul and heart up

10.For my guardian angel is my everything and mystical gift

11.Now, my guardian angel is an eight-point star, solitary in the skies

12.Solitary in the skies, full with so much energy and light

13.Now, it is my sage, my shield, my armor, my sword and my spiritual guider

14.For my last words to my guardian angel who oversees me from heaven are:  "I love you!"


                                        Bryanna Parkoff(A Child of God)                                     



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