My Greek Goddess

I open my eyes once more to loneliness
My mood is like the gloom of the morning
I look outside at the swans in the mizzle
I admire the vivid colours of the rainbow
It paints a nice picture across the gray sky

Cold water is dripping from the panes
I’m standing here reminiscing about Kore
We had enjoyable moments together
Now silence replaces her cry and laughter
I should compose a moving love story

Kore was too beautiful for a human being
I thought she’d never do what I asked,
But she showed no reluctance to please me
I was so proud to go anywhere with her
My Greek goddess added sunshine to my day

She was full of fun and life was worth living
I’ll never have such an experience again
I was so sure we had a perfect love affair
And I unrealistically felt that it wouldn’t end
I could see no likelihood of her leaving me

Why did I lose the girl I love so much?
I don’t think I can go through life without her
Why do such depressing things happen?
How I wish I could win back her heart
I want to be with my Greek goddess again


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