My Great Mother

The leaves gathered in the lifeless ground,

While the wind danced around.

I stood there looking at the scene,

Thinking my life was like a machine. 


It was like a record on replay,

And it was only a wednesday.

I had lost all motivation,

And procrastination had become my temptation. 


I thought of how to finish this week.

My life is really too bleak.

But then came a savior like no other,

My great mother. 


Every word she speaks is a beautiful melody.

She turns my reality into fantasy.

Her jokes bring me delight.

She makes me feel that all will be alright. 


I can see her rough hands,

Showing her work’s extraneous demands. 

It's them that motivate me,

And it's them that empower me .


My purpose has become clear.

I have to persevere.

For her, my vital force,

I will succeed in life’s course. 



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My family
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