My Golden Friend

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 23:56 -- Whitnai

A treasure you are, my special friend

No obligation by blood

A bond I share you with you

Like any sister would

No doubt is in my soul- we are destined till the end

        You are not my lover

But our love is unconditional

We do not challenge one another

As we understand that love is not rational

To make you better, I promise I will always

Because I want nothing more than you to see from my eyes

With the love you carry and will in your soul to realize

Even bad days are good days

When life has you down do not fret

You have what it takes to never forget

You are much better than any pain, heartache and regret

Mistakes are here for you and me

We’ll take them on- I’m here to help you conquer them

From any worry, you’ll always be free


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