My God is Awesome

“I bet it’s like licking lollipops and rainbows,

skipping through meadows,”

He said,

but actually

all the plants are dead.

The sky is dark and the air is thick

If you really knew what was going on you’d think I’m sick

and indeed I am, sick as they say

in fact, I’m probably getting worse every single day.

My smiles get bigger, but I’m really feeling numb

If you asked me how I am feeling, you would think I’m dumb

Unable to speak, but able to continuously feel

Never given enough time to fully heal

so I constantly am going through the motions

but thank God I have a Father whose grace is like an ocean

and I don’t want to drown in this world any longer

But it seems like the wind is picking up and the storm is getting even stronger.

I have faith, I do, but sometimes it seems

That my life is like an old cloth, unraveling at the seams

I should not worry, for tomorrow has worries of its own,

But so do I, and sincerely I’ve grown

Grown tired of hoping and wishing for a better day

Continually waiting to be shown the way

The way to happiness and joy, peace, and serenity

I have to be honest to myself and realize I am my own worst enemy

I make the choice of what I feel and what I think

Whether to start fresh everyday or continuously link

My yesterdays to my todays and feel the same emotions

To feel and be alive or just go through the motions.

Today I choose joy from now on and to the end

And always remind myself again and again

That there’s light and promise at the end of the tunnel and storm

From now on I know, I will never be torn

Between the road less travelled and the one they all go

Because I have Someone inside me, Someone I know

Loves me as much as Hassan loved Amir

He’s seen my every fall and witnessed my every tear

And it is with Him, and only Him, I can make it through

It is with Him, and only Him, all things I can do

My mourning will be dancing

and out of my mouth will come praise

For I know He is with me all of my days

So the darkness will turn to light and the plants will prosper and grow

And for me?

you’ll find me, with My God, skipping through the meadows.


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