My Gift Is Death


O, woe is evangelique
Whose eminence brightly shades us
Whose glory cares and saves sense
Becoming rational everyday
Breaths which endure

A dawn of a new day
Whom without the end is nigh
Yet the apocalypse she doth
Stall, long enough to bring
Happiness for all disciples
Save none for the savior of mankind

Lost to the world upon a calling
The same she holds upon her
Shoulders, the gift she gives
With every breath of her being
Her sacrifice to the earth
Turning, spinning in its madness

Only death will find her peace and lasting happiness

Copyright 2014 T.L. Burton



Thanks.  I wrote it all time ago, but I thought it would be nice to bring it out again. I also was a huge fan of the show.

Em Anekaf

Ah yes, poetry comemorating pop culture. Usually I hate it, but this pleasantly surprised me. I liked it a lot. Kudos to you.


Thanks, I have only ever done it twice because I concur the sentiment, but one was inspired, the other a writing assignment. lol Thanks!

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