My Generation


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May I tell you about my generation?
My generation
Is so far gone that I can’t stand to smile
As I sit back and look at the damage now
As from when I was a child
2005-2013 is like day and night
It’s like my generation is getting molded like clay
Getting shoved into different positions
The media has accomplished its mission
Because porn is entered into every social network site
As if it had an easy pass admission
It’s like every social network is turned into a fight fest
Everybody is either getting their lights checked
Or seeing birds over tweets
Cut the beef
See my generation is a generation
That has young ladies
Walking around half naked
Getting recorded half naked
In the basement of a grown man’s house getting wasted
Now parents are wondering why their babies are losing their virginity so fast
It’s like they’re looking through blindfolds
While I’m looking through glass
Because it starts in your homes
They do what they see
I’m not saying its you
But you have to cut back on their views
From Facebook to YouTube
See my generation is a generation
That would rather get a first degree
Rather than their first degree
I’m comparing murder rates to Universities
Can’t you see?
Statistically we are dying
Families are crying
Bodies are lying
It’s like no one is trying
But mom you don’t have to worry
Because I know what’s in store for me
If I keep working accordingly
Right now I’m at my university
So Excuse ME!
As I finish working towards my



Vent about my generation

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