My Generation


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What is wrong with our generation?... Smoking. Sex. Drugs. To be cool you have to smoke. If you have a lot of guy friends, you automatically are a whore, or a slut. All the name calling, and judging. No one can forgive anymore. The lack of respect drives me insane. They way people my age treat their parents breaks me. When their parent grounds them, they get on Facebook and say I hate my mom/ and or dad. Hate is a strong, strong word. You only use the word hate if they have molested you or something of that sort. The way they bully other kids. Those kids go home and cut themselves because people that I walk past everyday are telling them that they mean nothing to the world. Just the other day I saw a girl on Facebook tell another girl to go cut herself and see who cared. I didn't know her but I cared. You wouldn't believe how much I see and here " Go kill yourself " and the thing is they actually mean it. To be " pretty " you have to have a perfect body and face. They don't understand that the term beautiful doesn't mean what's on the outside. It's how that person behaves and what is really in their heart. The same people that claim that they don't judge, judge the most. If you see someone saying that they don't judge others, that is a straight up lie. EVERYONE judges. Even me. But judging on looks, and judging on personality are two different things. Girls drive me up the wall. With their boyfriends. We are in our first year of high school, and they think they own the boy. Jealousy has become a HUGE thing, so girls think to keep their boyfriend they have to send naked pictures to them or have sex with them or they will move on. And in a lot of cases that's true. But the thing they don't understand is that if that's what they have to do to keep their boyfriend, then he doesn't really like them and they should dump him. Girls are starting to think they can choose who their boyfriend's friends are. In a recent case a girl was jealous of me being her boyfriend's best friend so she made him stop being friends with me. If she didn't trust him then why would she stay with him anyway? And since he actually listened to her, where we even really friends in the first place? It doesn't make any since. They think every guy that they date is "the one." They don't realize that it's not going to last forever. Then as soon as the guy messes up, or he dumps her, she gets mad and says she hates him. There's that word again, hate. If she "hates" the guy that she " loved " 5 minutes before then , was that really love ? no. Electronics. We are on them ALL the time. Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Snapchat, Bikerace, Fun Run, Instagram, Tadaa, Texting, Voxer, Ruzzle, Keek, Skype, and everything else we are obsessed with. Laptops, Kindles, Computers, Smartphones, Ipads, Iphones, Ipods, Macs, just everything that we are constantly on 24/7 . Parents too. We are all obsessed. We need to go out and do activities with other human beings. We have lost sight of how fun it is to hang out with people, and not use our phones the whole day. If you don't have the " right " shoes, clothes, hair styles, makeup, accessories, or the latest trends then you are an outcast. People don't realize that some people just don't have the money for all that. We are a disgusting generation that needs a lot of help. We need God's help.


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