To My Future Self

Thu, 12/07/2017 - 12:59 -- Dashiia

Dear Future Self,


I had been trapped

Afraid of letting go 

Always battling with my conscious

Should I stay or should I go

Last year had been tough

I'm glad it was only temporary 

And now I can say thank you

When back then I would've spewed detestable remarks

It takes time to heal

So I am proud of you for moving on

You have inspired me

And you have surprised me

You have awakened that desire

That fire

And passion

By looking within yourself and finding your inner-goddess

Looking at you now

I can honestly say

My queen you are BEAUTIFUL

And don't let anyone take that away

You have blossomed into an alluring flower despite your rainy days

My queen

My future self

I am writing this to remind you of all the wondeful things you've done

When is seems that your story cannot go on

Keep your head up high 

Because as soon as you step through that door

A new chapter will begin


Sincerely, the old you


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