my future

I am not what I once was

introduce new distractions

increased subtraction

from action,


becoming bad habits

hapiness and a want for joy

are not worth th feeling of emotions

the are not what the workforce employs

without alack of devtion

for forward motion


heard on dramatic

radio stations

from a nation

who puts money

above happy

who makes me study

for a bright and better future

but i don't want a smile held together

by my 12 year degree and medical sutures

hard work isn't supposesd

to come with a cost

but it seems nobody knows

what is lost

in hours of study

perfection and repetition til my hands are bloody

this isn't just playing a game 

it's my new name

It's on repeat in my brain

I'm the darkest pretender


This war only ends when one of us surrenders

I'll giveup what I find most important

All my natural instincts put on dormant

To spite

What I hate

My undeniable fate.




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