My Frightmare

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 16:28 -- ecimase

Have you ever seen that movie?

Universal’s, The Mummy

I can say that I did

At the tender age of six

Boy was that a mistake

For the rest of the night

I had the worst nightmare

Of the mummy

Minus the traditional rags

Of flesh eating insects

Boy, now that was a drag

Running, from no one

Yet, running from someone

Still, fresh in my mind

And quite traumatizing

Especially for me

Who basically freaked

At the sight of the smallest  ant

That night, and all after

I could never sleep calmly

Always seeing the Mummy

Remembering it’s creepy face

Going on like that for years

Now that I think about it

Was it so much to bear?

Did you go on the ride

Of the aforementioned movie?

Or scream at the bugs

Flourishing from the wall

Tons and tons of them

With my brother, laughing

Oh, how terrible that day

I did get over it

Eventually, I can look back

And laugh at myself

For the embarrassment

Regardless of what

I may or may not see

This was the worst, yet best

This was my Frightmare


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