For my "Friends"

Sun, 04/24/2016 - 18:50 -- casile9

Ask me anything

Don't hold back

If you care,

If you want to know,

You'll ask

So ask me anything

I won't hold back


Ask me anything

I'll answer

But I'm not an obligation,

Or something you have to do

So ask me anything

But only if you want to


ask me anything

But only if you'll be there.

Don't ask and run

Don't ask and hide

Don't ask and say you get it,

You don't.

So ask me anything

I'm here


Ask me anything

But I don't have to tell you

If you're asking to check me off a list

If you're asking because you have to

If you're asking to pretend you care

I won't tell you


Because I'm not on a list

I'm not broken or an obligation

I'm a person with a story

A story I'll share

But only with someone who wants to hear

So ask me anything


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