My Friends.


~thoughts of pain,self inflicted

~so weak and tired

~barely having the will to lift my head

~i almost give in,

~i almost cave

~i wanted to curl up and die

~but i dont

~i cry myself to sleep

~when i wake, i cry again

~not from pain or sorrow

~but from joy and happiness

~my friends stood up for me

~they helped me get back on my feet

~they have my back

~even if they dont support my choices

~they dont criticize me either

~i stand, with their help,

~and hold my head high

~you cant bring me down

~i wont let you

~and if i slip,

~i know my friends will catch me

~and help me once more

~they are with me through it all

~and they let me know i can make it

~i know im truly blessed to have such friends

~and i will never forget it

~my friends are loyal and true

~my friends wont let me fall


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