My Friend, The Butterfly



A Hebrew prophet from Babylon, known for his faith.

Name Meaning: “Strength in God.”




Deriving from the ancient Anglo-Saxon tribe

Last Name Meaning: “Chestnut.”


I met Ezekiel Castine when I was in the eighth grade,

My very own caterpillar, When his was her, and Ezekiel was Jordan.




Of Hebrew origin

Name Meaning: “Descend” or “Flow Down.”


The caterpillar was shy and timid

Quirky and shaken to the core,

With red hair to the shoulders and a birthmark on the crease of the eye,

One that looked like a butterfly wing.


When I reached my freshmen year

The caterpillar encased itself into a cocoon,

Embracing a shaved head with slight confidence,

Strapping down its chest with a second skin,

One to meld with its own.


Breast Binding.


“The act of flattening one’s breasts by the use of constricting materials.”

See Also: Crossdressing, transgender, dyke.


As my freshman year came to an end, so did Jordan’s transformation.

He went by Ezekiel

And smelt of sunshine and musk


Chestnut hair cut tight to his pink ears,

Much more radiant than long hair,

Flowing down his shoulders


The butterfly unfurled wings of blue pink and white steel

And wore a smile made of stars,

Eyes so bright they lit up the night sky

Zeke chewed up ignorance and spit out knowledge

Ezekiel, my butterfly, a warrior.

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My family
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