My Friend Amy


Stars come into existence.

They shine, sparkle,


A fiery ball of excitement.

After years of shedding light for all,

they fade.

A mere glimpse of beauty.

Provoking smiles and laughter

wherever they are.

But time must pass,

and other stars must shine.

Each with a divine purpose,

a God sent mission,

and souls to touch.

Let us remember the stars that

twinkled  when we were melancholy,

the bubble of energy that lifted

our spirits.

That is how the universe will survive,

from memories of the good times,

of the hope that will push us onward.

Each step further from the start and

closer to infinity.

Memories are immortal,

a time capsule of truth,

always to resurface.

So have love in your hearts my dear ones,

life is out there!

Adventure awaits.

We shall remember the stars that

lit our darkened paths,

and we will be grateful for their teachings.

We shall carry on.

Through hell and back again,

for our journeys are short,

and what use is it to not live?

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My family
My community
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