My Friend

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 18:20 -- kccno10


I feel so much

And reach to touch

But no one is there to feel the love .

My thoughts they race 

And I must face

That no one is around me.

I wish to share

But no one is there

And these words must go somewhere.

So I confide in you

That youll stay true

And never leave me lonely.

I spill my heart, my mind, my soul

And give you all I have of me.

You soak up my words

And keep them forever

And never forget what I've told thee.

You comfort me

In times of need

When my mind is so full.

You let me dump it all on you

And my love for you, it grew.

For you were always there for me

In everytime of need.

When I had trouble straightening out my thoughts

Telling you always helped me breathe.

I find you almost anywhere

And cherrish every moment we share.

For paper you have been my only friend

From the begining of time and until the end.




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