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United States
40° 34' 17.7456" N, 74° 14' 39.6384" W

I’m not sorry for writing outside of these margin lines

that you use to confine my freedom of expression.I sit here and question life without my freedom to write-a life that isn’t right- ignoring my strife.

Condemning others in another country because they chose to paint a picture with words, shunning them for presenting notions unheard.  An Afghanistani girl who wanted an education believed. Yet others condemned her because they didn’t agree. My parents,who immigrated from so far away, had a dream and they tried.

A dream to withhold the same rights as you and I.

My freedoms-stated in the first amendment are making me relentless.

I write not to waste paper or kill trees-without my rights what do I have left to believe. Expressing myself in this way, creatively reaching a vortex unseen. Achieving the unachievable dream.

Not being able to say how I feel and express myself-a life unreal. Who would I be?  How could I go on? A world colorless in my eyes as my passion in life becomes small.

I call to every vessel, every mosque, every church, every temple.

Who. Would. We. All. Be?

A life unimaginable.

Uninhabitable...for me.

I get to wake up to a world where all creativity is boundless

The hot malevolent yells of condemnation soundless

Speaking truth into the ears of many.Jaw dropping,  time stopping...groundless.

My mind filled with thoughts that are easily expressed thanks to

My Freedom of Expression

Ending all years of repression

A time for progression

Gathering your attention

I am who I am today thanks to the first amendment.

Without those rights a daily living would be unseeable

My words I use to water natures forefront-impermeable.

I have the power to express myself and say what I want-Freedom of Speech.  Giving lessons to the listeners.


Performing at school poetry slams, speaking the truth

Opening the eyes of my misled youth.

This thing,  people see as freedom,  means more to me…

Only those with minds whom stretch farther than vines...can see



More than than they want to with dreams that they can easily follow through.

My Freedom of Expression,  my time for redemption every day of my life.

This is what I was born to do and this amendment bestowed upon me,

A life I can make anew.



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