My First Wife

I got married to a beautiful woman at the age of 14. When i first told her what goes through my head, she kept begging me to shower her full of lead. i always rushed inside her when i ran out of places to fled. Shes as light as a feather and she barley can stay in place when there's windy weather.


She hates when i put her to the side like a tv remote, but i respect the fact that she never take my feelings as a joke. I cheat on her by always falling fo the same type. I've known her by the time i had my first tooth. The only time she gets satisfied is while i'm penetrating when shes loose.


We conversate about "My State of Mind", "Suicidal Thoughts", and "Lost Soulz". I always tell her ideas that should be told like "The Short Story of Max Jones" or "The Letter To AmeriKKKa". It's a blessing that she understands the true criteria of the lifestyles that i witness regarding Young Black Males falling victim to the streets and ending up in jail.


When i aged 2 years later after our wedding, i decided to put her up on the shelf and joined a program with others that went inside my wife when they were in desperate need of help. I could't stay trapped in her panties forever so i started to express how i feel to others even though she'll always be my true lover. I Plan to be with this lady for the rest of my life, but at some points i gotta set her to the side cause at times i need breaks from my first Wife. 





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Thanks. Good looking out. 

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