My First Real Kiss

I shall always remember my first real kiss; 

It was long awaited on expectant lips. 

He drew me in for a hug so dear, 

I was filled with passion being so near.


He made me feel so nice and warm

When he placed his hand upon my arm. 

The wind blew; I shivered a bit. 

He wrapped his arm 'round me to keep me hid

From a wind that would have chilled to the bone. 

I thought to myself, "I don't want to go home". 


I looked in his eyes so light and so sweet 

With anticipation for when lips would meet.

He looked in my eyes, and smiling so bold, 

Said he'd never seen eyes so flecked with gold. 

I grinned and said no one else ever would; 

Unless I was with him, my eyes never could. 


I remember my stomach was all in knots. 

My cheeks burned, I was so hot! 

I was ready... I was scared! 

Was I prepared? 

What if it wasn't at all what I thought? 

What if true love had to be bought?

What if he said I wasn't enough?

What if this wasn't really true love?  


He must've seen the fear on my face

As he placed a fallen strand of hair in its place. 

His hand on my cheek, a slight smile on his lips. 

I knew in that moment I was ready for this. 


As he slowly drew close to my face that night, 

I remember I tried with all of my might

To calm my breathing, control my heart. 

If this was love, it was heavenly art. 

His hand on my waist, his breath on my neck; 

How could I keep my emotions in check? 


My temple first, and then my cheek; 

I knew these kisses would linger for weeks. 

When at last our breaths mingled as one, 

Our small, sinful pleasure had finally won. 

Our lips so close, they never did miss;

I shall always remember my first real kiss. 

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