My First Poem

I used to write short stories about real events
A girl called Michelle inspired me to write poems
She was writing in a notebook on the counter
Out of curiosity, I asked her what she was writing
And she said that she was writing a poem

I told her that I wanted to read her poem,
But at first, she was reluctant to show it to me
She said that her poem was personal
I kept urging her to show me the poem
Finally, she handed me the book and I read it

Michelle's emotional writing impressed me
Her feelings of love were similar to mine
And I was really moved by one of the stanzas
I could fully understand her depression,
For I had been experiencing sadness too

That night I took a long time to fall asleep
I was thinking deeply about the things I read
The words of her poem kept ringing in my mind
I had to reveal my secret pain to someone,
So in the early morning I wrote a poem of love

My first poem was entitled, “Nobody Loves Me”
The next day I showed Michelle the poem
She silently read it and then she looked at me
I could easily tell what she was thinking
And from then on, I have been writing poems


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