My First love

Before I was conceived I was betrothed to the one I knew nothing of

I heard stories in my other life of how polygamous his love was

And Of course I thought negative of him; I wanted him all to myself.

So I came to this world which I heard he created,

My heart long to see him but first, I must prove my love for him by first loving others.

My heart is full with questions, mind confused as to so many things

Eyes open to love I cannot comprehend. Verily I say to myself when would I know?

When would I understand why he did what he did?

Of course as I think and meditate I still flourish in sin, heart and mind so dirty

As I wake to guilt every breaking of the dawn and still I mourn

Despite my rebellion and tribulation he still calls me his son

Though the battle seemed fierce it is something I had already won

I wasn’t yet alive yet he received the strokes of the whip on my behalf, through this I fall sick not

I wasn’t yet born yet he was spat on because of me, yes! Yes! That day that very day he carried all my sins, pain, grief, sufferings, condemnation, he was nailed to the cross ay! That day I had a new life even before I had my first.

He loved me before I could learn to love

He cried for me before I could learn to cry

He was condemned and beaten for me before I could withstand a yell.

As I grew I got to understand his polygamous nature

I got to appreciate how he gave people like me without a past hope for a great future

Yes it is his nature

Yes he is my first love.

As I come to this recognition my eyes open with vision

Clear state of intuition for this very mission

A message for the entire nation

I see I see beyond what I used to

I feel beyond what I USED TO

Love so unconditional

Passion so deep

I have come to the point of no return

Of if I do I shall weep

And this is so

For I have falling in love with a GOD who neither slumber nor sleeps


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