My first love

I fell in love at a very young age

It was a magical experience

A beautiful romance

With many enticing words


I fought alongside the bravest kings and warriors

I slayed the toughest beasts

An eloquent adventure

Within a magical realm


I lived thousands of life times

I experienced heart break and death

Made choice that seemed impossible

I killed, I loved and I grew


I fell in love with the language

The emotional diction,

The jargon of the world

Tis were love came to blossom


My first love

The one I can’t live without

 The one that brings life and color into my world

That cheers me up when I’m down


I fell in love as a child

I have always had reading

When the days were dreary,

The night seemed like it would never end


A love that will stay forever

A match made in haven

Every time I open a book

A newer more passionate love blossoms



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