My First Human

My first sounds were your heartbeat and your voice.

My first face was yours.

My first taste of the outside world 

Was through you. 

Without you, there wouldn't be a me. 

You impacted me

By helping create me.

And then agreeing 

To house me for 9 months.

I must speak of a mentor.

Then I must speak of the mentor

Who has mentored me for 20 years

And through my hopes and prayers 

Will mentor me for 20 years more. 

You brought pen to me so I could write. 

You brought tissue to me so I could cry.

You brought bandages so I could get up again. 

You created me. 

Then you helped me

Make the world mine. 

The lessons learned

Will last for generations beyond me. 

So I say thank you

For choosing me. 

Mentorships are give and take

As we grew to a friendship.

I help you remeber the future is coming

You help me remember the past

Is not far behind. 

All of this I will walk forward with. 

Thank you, Mommy. 

My First Human 


This poem is about: 
My family


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