My First Child

I love to take my 3-year-old daughter shopping.
She’s my first child.
I hold her by the hand,
And off we go together down the street.
I start walking too fast for her,
She asks me to slow down.
I observe her stride,
And three of her steps make one of mine.

I take her to Taco Bell to buy her an ice cream.
The ice cream falls off the cone,
And it makes a splatter on the floor.
She points to the ground and cries,
“Daddy, daddy, I want back my ice cream!”

We go to the sweet shop to get her a treat.
The little girl wants everything she sees.
Oh, she’s such a delight!
She brightens up my day,
And she makes the vendor smile.
She gets a large lollipop and she beams.

We’re now in the department store.
I’ll buy some new clothes for her.
She tries on a pair of slippers.
They look so cute on her tiny feet.
She takes a Raggedy Ann doll to the cashier,
And then she skips along with me.

It’s fun to walk with her around the block.
A neighbour waves to us and say,
“She’s such a sweet little darling!”
And an elderly woman asks me,
“Is she your first child?”

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