My First Baby Boy

I am in awe at times 
at what I could have possibly done
For God to send you to me
My first amazing son
You changed my world for the better
No one could argue that
You made me happy to be a mom
Even when you were being a brat
Your beautiful blonde hair, sparkling eyes of blue
From the very first glance, I was smitten with you
You gave me the courage of a lion 
and ambition to follow my dreams
Because of you my precious son
I accomplished so many things
Seeing you smile, fills my heart with such joy
No matter how old, No matter how far
You'll always be my first baby boy
Now your grown and as I watch you succeed
I can't help but to think of when you stopped needing me
That's ok because you make me proud
With all the things you can do
I want you to know my first baby boy
I'll never stop loving you!


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