My Fight is Won


I should not do it

I know it is not right

but I cannot help it

I just want to keep the fight.

I tried so hard to make it go away

but in my heart he remains,

in my heart he stays.

Our love spreads like poison

the outsiders, they hate us as one

God, please, will this battle be won?

Build me, build us

Be our hope

Give us trust.

Love never fails, so you say

I know my Lord will not fail me

even as the skies remain a constant gray.

No! stop!

I will not listen!

I respect you

I respect you, but!

Living for you, I do, I do!

So please give way, just once!

No, you say?

Why, mothers, why?

When you fail and fail to find one true

Why, fathers, why?

When you yourself are fools.

Alone, you and I.

Was it worth it?

Can we live?

defied our culture

defied our clan

defied our mothers and fathers too

defied our brothers, sisters, friends

all for one love, all for one man

Why, oh why?

Why must this be?

I tried, I tried

Please set us free.

For the selfishness of love,

we have sinned.

For the punishment you give us,

we give in.

forgive us culture

forgive us clan

forgive us our dear mother and father

forgive us brothers, sisters, friends

forgive that I sinned all for one love, all for one man

And above all, forgive me Father

I now lay in your hands

forgive me

forgive me

forgive me for being the person I am.



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