My feet hit the floor


My feet hit the floor early in the day
And I creep towards the curtains to put the darkness at bay.
The cold hardwood makes my toes curl, 
But what do you expect from a cold natured girl?
Stumbling down the stairs I smile at my mother,
I wave to my sister and say hi to my brother.
My slippers go on and my feet start to warm up,
Until I slip in what I hope is stray ketchup.
The slippers come off and the cold floor greets me,
I turn on the Keurig and fix some hot tea.
By the fireplace I wait for my drink to brew,
Thinking of all the things that, today, I need to do.
My mental note grows longer as I hear my tea finish,
Sitting down I take a sip and feel replenished.
The fire is warm and the sun is shining, 
Every morning I seem to find my silver lining.
My truest and simplest, most peaceful form
Is found when I drink tea by the fireplace early in the morn’.


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