In my feeling

Sun, 10/20/2019 - 23:29 -- Kristyn

I feel like I'm the only one putting in time
But I'm just in my feeling
The one doing all the cooking and cleaning
Never satisfied
Nothing to justify my love
To the gentle kisses to back rubs
Never needed til you want something
What happened to the communication
Now its listening to music in no romance
No touching hand
Because heaven forbid that be to much
Take away the sex
Theres nothing to serve
What happened to talking hours
Hand in hand
Partner's dance in the street
Respark the flame
I'm all up in my feeling
Turn around to write it all in message
But I'm crazy
I'm just ready to settle down
I don't want a clown
I need to king my crown
Through battles in defeat
Stay at my feet
Knowing I'm cooking his feast
So I sit here and weep
reminiscing on sweet memories
Hoping all this time wasn't wasted
7 years
Time will ride
But am I the one to die with when it's time
Investing in the future
Staring at our past
This family is the present
Just in my feeling
Smear the jam
Sharing the bread
Plenty of seeds
Smooth out the butter
Pour up the tea
Round and round the Carousel goes
It's on you the view you see
Staring in the night sky like a dream
It's you and me
Sun and the moon
Universe mixed in my feeling

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