My fear is my friend.

Fear was my best friend since childhood,

Kept me from getting hurt, like it thought I would.

Afraid failing the class, afraid of getting harass.

Be the best student, have a good tolerant.

Treat people nice, take other advice.

Respect everyone, but in the end,  I lose my identity as one.


Fear told me I should find secure employment,

Enrolled in an upcoming career, that clouding my judgment.

Questioning my purpose and my interested,

Strained myself and I feel restless,

Helpless, useless and worthless.


Fear told me I will not get that scholarship.

People who are better than I am, doing the hardship.

She always happy and he is better at a study.

She already knows what she wants,

He already owns a family restaurant.


But fear told me that I need this opportunity and will not pass.

Forgetting that though, I will work until I last.

I cried from my weakness, I cried from my disappointment.

I  want to be breathless and wholly incapable of movement.


But fear reminds me to have faith, for family and friends till another day.

Fear told me to not surrender, and do not accept failure.

Be brave and because life is full of bitter.

For me and for others,

 Work hard because fear is a breaker.  

This poem is about: 
My country


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