My Favorite Flower

Dahlia, My Love

You carry on through the rain

While persevering through the shine

No matter how the storm rages

You manage to bloom each and every time

Dahlia, My Sweet

Despite how dark the days and nights may feel

I know you’ll find the light and move towards it

No matter how tough things may seem to be

I know it’s not in your nature to submit

Dahlia, My Impeccable

Some may feel that it’s a battle to never be defeated

It’s an endless game that will surely end in death

However, as the seasons roll and the years come about

You continue to fight and thrive until your last breath

My Beautiful Dahlia, you’ve taught me so much

My Beautiful Dahlia, I look to you

My Beautiful Dahlia, We have so much in common

My Beautiful Dahlia, You know what i’ve been through

Dahlia, So Strong

You taught me never to give up

Even when the anxiety and depression come around

Your endurance and strength keep me going when it’s rough


Dahlia, So Charming

You taught me to be kind

Even when the bitterness of life is thrown at me

You teach me that kindness starts in the heart and mind

Dahlia, So Beautiful

You taught me that my beauty will come

It may take time to bloom, like a flower in the spring

But when nurtured and cared for, my time will come

Dahlia, So Pure

You taught me to never be tarnished by the pollutions of life

Though the winds will sway, in any direction it likes

You taught me to hold strong, with all my might

Dahlia, Ever Growing

Dahlia, Ever Glowing

Dahlia, My Power

Dahlia, More than a flower

-Kendra Bates

October 11, 2018


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