My Fault

Why is it always my fault? Why am I always the bad guy? You’re the one who launches a verbal assault I’m the one who tries so hard to make sure they don’t see me cry Have you considered how much you’ve hurt me? Has that thought ever even crossed your mind? Have you never taken into account the emotional torment you inflict, and how paramount its effect has been on me? I am emotionally abused and accused and refused justice. it's useless, everyone's heartless. such defiance they're all lyin' Seriously, are you buyin' this? They're like lions jaws apart, claws sharp, apparently they have no fault at heart. They’ll hunt you down, tie you to a pole and set it ablaze, stalking you among the shadows, hiding among the tall grass of their dark and twisted ways. They assume things without a doubt Gossiping about me as if I wouldn't find out, HA! you think you're so stealthy when i walk past, you give me the stink eye like I'm filthy Why do they declare me guilty? No thanks for asking, I'm not related to Lucifer and btw, the last time I checked, you are not a judge, jury, or executioner 

This poem is about: 
My community


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