my father used to tell me

my father used to tell me

i would never get anywhere in life

never would he tell me

that he believed i could be successful

he would always exclaim

because i was committed, considerate, and confident

i was just like my Mother

i saw her when i looked at my reflection in the water

i was too much like my Mother

he said i should never be ashamed when people teased me and said

my father was never around

i never experienced a day where

i felt appreciated by him

he always made sure

i knew my worth

because of him

i knew that i was worth n (e) o (v) t (e) h (r) i (y) n (thing) g

because of him

my heart swelled with a SeA of tears



(Now read normally, left to right, but from bottom to top to see another perspective)



This poem is about: 
My family


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